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Mission, Vision and Values

Coming into 2022, we'd like to share our organization's missions, vision and values. After incorporating and leasing our first office space in 2021, we hope to expand our organization's projects by first creating a set of organizational standards by which we base all our decisions, goals and strategy on.

Our Mission

To provide customers with accessible and unique keyboard products.

Our Vision

To create a satisfying and memorable typing experience. 

Our Values

  • Communication: As an online store, communication is key to ensure trust between customer and organization. ApexKeyboards Ltd,. aims to communicate each aspect of a project in great depth, detail and swiftness.
  • Trust: Going hand in hand with communication, trust is one of our most important organizational values. With over 17,000 orders since 2017 and 10,000 customers in Canada/USA, ApexKeyboards Ltd values consistent and quick customer service to ensure a trustworthy relationship with customers. 
  • Optimism: Even through challenging times, our organization will continue to deliver our long term mission to provide a memorable and satisfying typing experience. 
  • Community Contribution: As an organization, we hope to bring value to the Canadian keyboard community by providing a wide range of keyboard products. In addition, we hope to grow the community through events such as meetups and content creation.