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About Us

ApexKeyboards is a Canadian mechanical keyboard store located in Toronto, Ontario. We offer keyboard services and various products during the year. Our services specializes in premium mechanical service for custom keyboards, we take great care of every board that undergoes our service and ensures a strong line of communication with each client.

We are also the Toronto Mechanical Keyboard organizer that has been organizing meetups since 2017, hosting 60+ attendees every meetup as well as gaining numerous sponsors.

Past and Current Projects:

  • Holtite GB 
  • Contra 40% Proxy by Cartel Ltd. (40+ Units Sold)
  • Cherry MX Lock Switch GB (25+ Units Sold)
  • Keyboard Services (Ongoing)
  • Tribosys 3204 (Ongoing)
  • Winter 2017 Toronto Mechanical Keyboard Meetup
  • Summer 2018 Toronto Mechanical Keyboard Meetup
  • Winter 2018 Mini Toronto Mechanical Keyboard Meetup
  • Summer 2019 Mechanical Keyboard Meetup (TBD)

Keyboard Services Setup: 

  • Hakko FX-888D Soldering Station
  • Hakko FA-400 Fume Extractor
  • 3M Acid/Organic Gas Respirator
  • Kester 63/37 Leaded Solder
  • Chipquick Clean Flux
  • Tribosys 3204 & Dielectric Grease