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Handmade Artisan Wrist Rests - Update 1

Thanks a lot to everyone that has participated in the limited group buy! We're very happy to see all the positive comments and interest for local Canadian Made wrist rests. The main goal of this project is to help start up and establish a community presence for wrist rests made in Toronto. We've currently purchased all the matierals needed to produce these wrist rests. Due to COVID-19 there might be delays in shipping to Uday so we're expecting a total production time of a month or so. TLDR Updates: 20 Spots Filled Materials Ordered Production Time 1 Month

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TX EO-87 & TX Bags Update

We're expecting all TX EO-87 and TX Bags to be shipped to us mid July. Please refer to the TX Keyboards Blog post for all the info. Appreciate everyone's patience, I'm waiting for my own board as well.

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