General Questions:
  • When will X product be in stock?
    • At the moment, all our lubes and switch tuning products are stocked year round. For the latest information on product availability check out our Discord here.

    Shipping Questions:

      • Where are you located?
        • We operate our business in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. 
      • When will you ship my packages?
        • All orders placed during the week will be processed on Fridays. Once processed, it will be shipped on Monday morning. We greatly appreciate your patience and support. 
      • Can I pickup locally?
        • Unfortunately local pickup is not an option. Our office is not open to the public. However, for specific large item group buy's pickup will be possible at meetups or at a specific time and place.
      • Why doesnt my tracking number work?
        • Tracking numbers need to be transmitted and dropped off the day of shipping. We often preprint labels to increase efficiency when packing orders, hence why the numbers wont work until the day they are picked up or dropped off.