All orders placed during the week will be shipped during the weekend!


General Questions:
  • When will X product be in stock?
    • Since this is not my full-time job, my goal right now is to stock all lubricants year round. All products other products might not be in stock again since it is either a group buy item or is discontinued. 
  • Do you provide lubing service,  de-soldering services or soldering/assembly services?
    • As of 5/18/2020, we've discontinued all our services services due to time constraints, We hope you understand and keep supporting us through other means like keyboard assembly and ordering our products. 

Shipping Questions:

    • Where are you located?
      • We operate our business in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. 
    • When will you ship my packages?
      • ApexKeyboards is not my full-time job, all orders placed during the week will be processed on Fridays. Once processed, it will be shipped on Monday Morning. We greatly appreciate your patience and support. 
    • Can I pickup locally?
      • Unfortuantly local pickup is not an option. Our office is not open to the public. However, for specific large item group buy's pickup will be possible at meetups or at a specific time and plate.