We're still open for orders! All orders will be processed on Friday and shipped on Monday!


Order Status:
  • We have sent in our orders for H1 switches. They should be finished production and will be receiving them within the next few weeks.
  • EO-87 is currently on schedule for May fufillment.
  • We will be continuing TX Bags pre-orders. It is still on schedule for May fufillment with the EO-87.

Inventory Status:

  • Krytox 205g0 will be re-stocked next week! (April 1st)
  • Springs and Films will be re-stocked within the next week or two
  • Switch Pullers are on it's way! No ETA yet.


PayPal Payment Status:

Due to the overwhelmingly successful H1 Switch pre-order, Paypal has set a hold on our account temproarily. We've submited additional identification documents and expect paypal to process them within 2-3 business days. For the time being please use Shop Pay! It is Shopify's own payment processing platform based off Stripe. Please note, we do not collect any card numbers or CVC codes during checkout, that is all handled by Shopify. (Update: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Paypal Support is unable to process limitation checks)

General Questions:

  • When will X product be in stock?
    • Since this is not my full-time job, my goal right now is to stock all lubricants year round. All products other products might not be in stock again since it is either a group buy item or is discontinued. 
  • Do you provide lubing services or de-soldering services?
    • As of September 2019, we've discontinued our lubing and de-soldering services due to time constraints and burning out. We hope you understand and keep supporting us through other means like keyboard assembly and ordering our products. 

Shipping Questions:

  • Why are your shipping rates so expensive?
    • Unfortunately, Canada Post rates are not that good especially domestic rates. The prices during checkout are quoted directly with the Canada Post API and is not marked up. 
    • As we continue to grow our business, we hope to secure better rates with other couriers that provide cheaper and faster shipping than Canada Post. In the meantime, keep supporting us to help us reach higher volumes of packages. 
  • Where are you located?
    • We operate our business in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. 
  • When will you ship my packages?
    • ApexKeyboards is not my full-time job, all orders placed during the week will be processed on Fridays. Once processed, it will be shipped on Monday Morning. We greatly appreciate your patience and support. 
  • Where is my tracking?
    • All packages will be sent via Canada Post and you should receive a notification from Canada Post about your order. If you have selected a non tracked method listed below then you might not receive a notification.
    • All Untracked (Uninsured Methods)
      • Small Packet USA Air
        • 1-2 Weeks
      • Small Packet Intl Air
        • 1-3 Weeks
    • Tracked methods are all the other ones not listed above, and will be insured up to $100 depending on the product purchased.