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Cherry MX Lock Switches

Cherry MX Lock Switches

Regular price $7.60

Cherry MX Lock switches are best known for their latch mechanism that locks the switch in a down position when clicked once and will release when clicked again. These switches are known to date back to the 1980s and are discontinued as of 2015. This batch is of "new old" (unused, unsoldered) stock which has the gray top design. 

We are currently offering a reduced price per switch and are open to bulk pricing (contact us). The price will change to $7.2 CAD once pre-orders are done. 

We expect to begin shipping orders of these switches to buyers between June 30th and August 10th. If that timeline changes, we will update this product page (and explain why it was either moved up, or delayed).

6/4/2018 Since we are only ordering one batch of switches sales for this are now cancelled if you really would like to get some please contact me to see if I have ordered them yet.