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Contra 40% - Ortholinear Keyboard

Regular price $45.00

The Contra 40% ortholinear keyboard is a 48 key keyboard in a grid or 47 keys with a 2u spacebar supported by a Cherry Style 2U PCB mounted stabilizer. is serving as a Canadian proxy and will take bulk orders.

Powered By QMK, you can upload your own layout and change every single key. This keyboard is great for a portable keyboard on the go or even a macropad. The board is powered by an Atmega32u4 great for uses other than keyboards.


  • Powered by QMK
  • Key Count - 48 (47 w/2u Space)
  • Switch Compatibility - Cherry MX, ALPS
  • Stabilizer Compatibility - Cherry 2u PCB Mount
  • USB Type - Micro-USB
  • Top Plate Compatibility - Cherry MX, ALPS
  • Reversible Back Plate - Yes
  • Overall Size - 9.1″ × 3.2″ × 0.6″
Included in the kit:
  1. 40% Ortholinear PCB: 1
  2. ProMicro: 1
  3. 1N4148 Diodes: 50
  4. 6pin Reset Switch : 1
  5. PCB Plate & Bottom :1
  6. M2 Standoffs: 5
  7. M2 Screws: 10
  8. Bumpon Feet: 4

Important Information:

The bottom of the PCB may include additional memes at time of shipment. Plate and Reversible Back are also made from PCB material.

There is no minimum MOQ or expected future MOQs that will reduce the price of this group buy. Additionally, in an attempt to speed up our ordering process and the final delivery of the Contra kits to you, we are taking payment at the time of order. As we hit internal milestones before the end of the buy, we will begin ordering parts from suppliers and assembling kits for shipment.