Processing and Shipping Delays

Read more about how Canada Post is handling the situation here

Our Processing Times:

With every re-stock we aim to have a 5-6 business day processing time in order for us to pack and ship out your orders. (200+ Orders) As re-stocks become larger and more frequent, we hope to meet the demand of our customers with our current supply of human capital (myself) to lower the processing times to only 2-3 days.

Our Response
  • For all domestic and USA packages we will be closely monitoring the shipping status of orders. If you have not received an update for your tracking number in 2 weeks please contact us.
  • Due to COVID-19, reduced commercial air travel will result in longer than expected wait times for international pacakges. We recommend supporting your local keyboard vendors since they will be able to ship your products out locally.
  • We are shipping out your packages as humanly possible with one person. In addition, to reduce contact with frontline postal workers, we will be grouping batches of orders (100 per batch) and shipping them out accordingly.