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Corporate Social Responsiblity

As an online store we ship around 3,000+ packages per year, our shipments and packaging can create a lot of waste. Here are some ways we are reducing our environmental impact.

Hexcel Wrapping Paper

Replacing single-use clear bubble bags, we switched to a product called HexcelWrap which is a packing paper consisting of small hexagons when stretched. These will be our go-to packaging for small 100-700g products such as switches, springs, Krytox etc. This product offers the same protection as bubble mailers but are 100% recyclable and is PEFC certified. 

Check out the product out here.

Indented Kraft Wrapping Paper & Kraft Paper

Replacing the use of bubble wrap or packing peanuts for filling the void in boxes, we will be using indented kraft paper and kraft paper to protect heavier products like keyboards. The kraft papers are 100% recyclable and sourced from 

Check out the product out here.

Re-Sealable & Re-Usable Switch Bags

Replacing our thin clear zip-lock bags, we will be using branded recyclable stand up pouches manufactured by a local Canadian company called Rootree. Using their default bag options, it reduces waste by up to 75%. Our bags are also manufactured with a clear plastic instead of metallic laminated stand up pouches used for food. 

Check out the product here.

Reinforced Kraft Paper Tape

Custom kraft paper tapes not only increased our packaging efficiency, it was the first product switch we made to reduce waste in our packaging process. Made by Stickermule in the US, this tape is made from eco-friendly and recyclable material. In the future, we are looking into purchasing custom non-reinforced kraft paper tape to eliminate the use of fiberglass. 

Check out the product here.

Curbside Pickup

Another way we are getting our products to customers is through curbside pickup. Customers can choose to pickup their order each Friday. This eliminates any need for shipping packaging such as tape, kraft paper etc.

Learn more here.

Supporting Local

Working with local designers, suppliers and businesses is one of our biggest organizational goals. By supporting the community where we operate in we hope to see the community grow and flourish. Partnering with Canadian designers like GaNeBal, purchasing from local suppliers like Rootree and purchasing coffee from Hatch all contribute towards our goal of supporting local businesses where possible.

Check our go-to coffee supplier