8pack Macropad

In collaboration with a fellow local community member (TheGambler on GH), the 8pack is a macropad inspired by di0ib's 6pack design. This low cost macropad aims to provide Osu! Players and productivity users a wide array of programmable keys for their needs.

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Contents of the Kit:

  • 8pack PCB + Case (PCB Material)
  • ProMicro Atmega32u4 Controller
  • M3 Screws + Standoffs
  • 3M Rubber Bumpons
  • Reset Switch
  • Programmable via QMK


  • Choice of Gateron Switches
  • LED's + Resistors
  • RGB LED Strips


  • $40-50 CAD Hopefully (Shipping not included)

Check out the full album here!