Krytox GPL 105 Lubricant

Krytox GPL 105 Lubricant

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Krytox GPL 105 is popular switch oil that is primarily used for lubing springs. Springs can be lubed by using a brush or dunking springs briefly and shaking off the excess lubricant. The oil is contained in a leak proof scientific transportation vial made by a Canadian scientific equipment company. The lube can also be used on switches.


  1. 4ml of Krytox GPL 105
  2. 1 Applicator per Vial
  3. To bag lube, you can use the applicator to put a few drops into a ziploc bag. Add springs then shake carefully to disperse the lube.
  4. Please store Krytox GPL 105 upright and in a cool dry place. We have also upgraded our vials for all our lubes to scientific grade molded lid leak proof vials.


Not recommended to mix with either Krytox 205g0 or Tribosys 3204 since it may cause separation when lube mixes are not mixed by the manufacturer.