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Introducing the 8pack Macropad (ApexKeyboards x TheGambler)

The 8pack is a 8-key macropad created by TheGambler which was inspired by the 6pack design by di0ib. In collaboration with TheGambler, we will be running a small group buy for the product hopefully in July 2019. 

What is included? 

  • 8pack PCB + Case
  • Choice of Gateron Switches or none
  • ProMicro Atmega32u4 Controller
  • M3 Screws + Standoffs
  • 3M Rubber Bumpons
  • Reset Switch

What is the price? 

  • Price will be determined closer to the group buy date. ($30-50CAD)

Pictures of Macropad: (Images and Design are subject to change) 

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